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January Update

It’s been a very good first year for Living Streets in Bristol!  Please read on for an update…..

20mph zones
‘DIY’ streets – example from Montpelier
Pedestrian crossing light review
Stapleton Road Consultation
City Centre Consultation
Gating order and PROW
Web/ Yahoogroup
Steering Group

20mph zones
Thanks to all those who made the effort to contact the council over the 20mph pilots. As you are probably aware, we won a resounding victory and almost all the roads the officers wanted excluded are now to be 20mph. In the East Bristol Zone there are no excluded roads northwest of the M32, and southeast of it only the Oldmarket one way system, Easton Way and the A420  are excluded, as far as Redfield.  We owe thanks to Jon Rogers for his firmness on the issue.
I won’t dwell on this as it is now old news but the scale of the change compared to the original proposals is vast: we are now being promised quite a radical scheme by UK standards instead of the mousey Portsmouth ‘side roads only’ plan.
The Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) are being sought, with implementation planned for the spring. There are two important issues to consider: enforcement, and which areas should be next?

Realistically, although the police have agreed to the scheme, we know that police enforcement isn’t going to happen. It will be enforced by the actions of local people:

  • By those that drive at 20 forcing those behind to do likewise
  • By ‘taking over the street – the more people walk and cycle in the road, the more it will feel to drivers that they must drive slowly.
  • By street redesign: the council do not plan to make physical alterations to the roadspace – but we can! See below under ‘DIY streets’.
  • Community Speedwatch – local residents may be equipped with a radar speedgun courtesy of the police

Who’s next for 20mph? The pilot zones will undoubtedly be a success and it is possible the whole city could be included within a few years if we show the council it is popular. The LibDem administration want to identify the next areas and have funding earmarked so why not your area?  Residents in Bishopston, St Andrews, Cotham and Kingsdown have already expressed an interest. Speak to your neighbours, resident groups such as ‘transition’ groups and – obviously – let us know.

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