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Is Cotham Road safe?

As a background to our proposal of zebra crossing and bike parking up at the top of Cotham Road, here is the Bristol Traffic collection of collisions on Cotham Road. This site has only been running 18 months, it tries to cover the entire city, yet it has three recorded crashes on this road. That’s a sign of a dangerous road.

Drunk Driving on a Friday evening

Rear ended car

Something the police came out for

These are the hits, not the misses, and only those that B.T. get emailed. What else happens there, we don’t know. But we know this: if it’s not safe to drive down, it can’t be safe to cross.


Getting to school alive

One goal of our campaign is making it safe to walk and cycle to and from school. That means you have to get across the roads on your way to school, and roads near schools need to put the needs of families walking or cycling to school ahead of through traffic and parents driving. Flashing 20 mph signs do not do this.

What roads are trouble here? Here are some, we welcome the suggestion of others, roads where speeding traffic makes walking to school dangerous:

We have some good news on that last road. Some of the school parents, and some local residents, have got in touch with us and we’ve been working together on options for Zebra Crossings. And here is the good news: the school supports it, the councillor for half the street, Neil Harrison, may even have some money. We just need to push for it and for bicycle parking. Which is where everyone’s help is needed. We’re going to put up a petition on the council web site, and we want everyone who supports having a city that you can walk round to sign up.
More details soon.